Welcome to TCHQ Communications

TCHQ Communications is both an evolution and a return to roots.

After years working in radio and television, our founder Leo Haggerty went out on his own with a successful events promotions company in upstate New York in the 1990’s. He went on to launch an award winning design company in the early 2000’s. In recent years much of his focus has been on politics and government with The Campaign HQ.

After spending several years working for the Governor of Kentucky and serving as senior advisor to the Kentucky State Treasurer Leo has turned back to the private sector in force launching the TCHQ Communications brand in January of 2016 bringing together all his years of experience as well a number of talented people he has met along the way.

TCHQ: Public Relations


We focus on securing you media coverage. We do this through a variety of strategies and tactics. TCHQ: Public Relations also helps you to nurture the relationship between your company and well, anybody who is interested. This means working directly with senior staff, customers or shareholders, performing crisis communication (when something goes wrong), social media management, training staff to deal with the media, community outreach, and planning events, in addition to working with the media.

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TCHQ: Advertising


Essentially, we handle all your media that is paid for. Meaning that we purchase ad space for you in a magazine or a blog or on a billboard and then put the ad we have designed into the space you paid for. By paying for space, you have control over what is placed – both the image and message. Offline advertising like magazine ads or billboards are measured by how many impressions (views) the advertisement is projected to get. Online advertising like a banner ad on a blog or a dedicated (paid for) email newsletter are often measured by how much traffic they generate to your website, and how many people purchase from you.

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What’s the difference Public Relations and Advertising?

In the business, it is called “Earned/Free Media v Paid Media.” In public relations we work, sometimes over years, to influence how you and your company are perceived by the public. In advertising, we place ads to elicit a direct, desired response… Like buying a product or signing up for a newsletter.

TCHQ: Crisis



Whether in politics, government or business crisis is a fact of life and having a calm, experienced hand to help you through a crisis, or better yet, to help you be prepared before they happen, can be the difference between not only surviving, but thriving.

We focus on Crisis Communications because how your respond to the media, your customers, and your staff will help to determine your institution’s future.

Our team leaders are certified in Crisis Communications and will bring their years of expertise to help you cope when the unexpected arises

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TCHQ: Finders


As senior advisor to the former Kentucky State Treasurer, one of Leo’s roles was to direct the record-setting “Treasure Finders” program that returned more money in eight years than in the nearly 100-year history of Kentucky’s Unclaimed Property program.

He learned the ins-and-outs of the sometimes difficult to navigate Unclaimed Property laws which vary widely from state to state and along with other former unclaimed property staff have decided to try and make it easier for people to get their money back. The TCHQ: Finders staff have personally helped people get over $100 million back from Unclaimed Property Divisions across the country.

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TCHQ: Politics


The Campaign HQ has represented Democratic candidates, progressive causes and non-profit organizations for more than 15 years. Our team has over 100 years of joint campaign experience.Each candidate, campaign or organization is different. We don’t use a “cookie cutter” approach, expecting you or your organization to fit our molds. We’ll work with you to develop a workable strategy that fits you, your needs and your organization. Whether it’s for an entire campaign or a single aspect of a campaign, such as new media, fundraising or field organizing, The Campaign HQ can help.

At The Campaign HQ, we believe that the secret to a successful campaign is remembering that, “Politics are People!”

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